Points of Entelechy

   Lutfi Othman and Mario Radev presents 'Points of Entelechy'. The project includes series of live performances. Each one of them is a loop based improvisation that creates feedback between sonic and visual art. The combination of the two modes of improvisation provides an experience of an imagined environment for the audience to explore and create their own narratives to, thus creating a world for themselves.

Points of Entelechy Showreel

   As artists, both Mario and Lutfi are equally interested in the beauty of the art making process as much as the product itself. They created this performance with the intention of revealing their artistic process to an audience that could both experience it and influence their art. Through the spontaneous production of sound and moving image, the audience participates in the act of production itself, as being witness to the process allows them to experience how each visual element is linked to an element in the sound, and vice versa. 

   Lutfi Othman is an experimental musician who composes through the improvisation of loops. He creates loops out of abstracted moments from taped materials of found sound and found objects to create scenes of fractured narratives through his spontaneous compositions. His performances typically involve cassette players and guitar loop pedals as his primary instruments, working alongside audio manipulation devices and live instruments to invoke mystical atmospheres providing the listener with a contemplative space to wander and dwell within.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lutfioth

   Mario Radev is a visual artist and filmmaker based in London. He has been working as director, animator, illustrator and visual performer. Mario’s use of loops is inspired by the repetitive cycles in nature and social science. Through drawing, painting and animated films, Mario creates complex worlds that communicates his personal view, offering a freedom of interpretation, which encourages the viewers to ask themselves questions, to which they provide their own answers. In 2018, Mario’s latest animated short film, [O], was nominated for Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.


   Each performance begins with a random sound loop, which Lutfi establishes spontaneously as the base of that composition. Mario’s visuals improvisation is the manifestation of his reaction to the sounds. The seemingly random marks that he makes on the canvas eventually build to form abstract, almost recognisable figures. Mario often prepares random bits of animation that interacts with the forms on his canvas. When Radev starts redefining the drawings, his counterpart reacts to the appearing figures and the animated loops that are superimposed onto it through audio manipulation and the introduction of more sounds. In this way, the individual loops of Lutfi and Mario creates a third loop, the super loop, which brings the all the fragmented moments of the performance into a single entity.

Points of Entelechy I (Excerpt)
Points of Entelechy Untitled (Excerpt from practice session)
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