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Belle Chen- Destinations

"Adelaide has been truly lucky to have had the opportunity to let Belle Chen guide them on a sensory journey through various worlds with her unique musical compositions, quick pianist-fingers and acid-like, colourful visuals – the stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre may never see a greater pianist again."

- Georgina Smerd, GLAMAdelaide 4.5 Stars

Created by: 

Belle Chen - Piano, composition, artistic director

​in collaboration with:

Visuals - Mario Radev (nominee Grand Jury Prize – Sundance Film Festival)
Design - Nick Robertson (Brian Eno, Coldplay)

Premiere Lighting - Nao Nagai (Bury Court Opera, Curious International)

Premiere Production - Steve Wald

Premiere Photography - Lidia Crusafulli

Tsoliin Nar Mandakh Desert Sunrise & Hero Tsogt’s Uncle

TECH RIDER, PRESS & MEDIA DOWNLOADS available on request via CONTACT | Belle Chen

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