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Chicken incubating egg (2017)

‘Chicken incubating egg’ is a frame-by-frame hand-drawn loop in response to an audio recording of a performance by Points of Entelechy. The animated loop explores the subtle complexity of the multi-layered loop-based audio composition by directing the sonic focus of the audience with the visual movements of the character. For example, the sound of the percussion is linked to the movement of the skirt and the accenting voice is linked to the head of the character. 

Mario Radev is interested in imagining and forming different relationships between his imagined characters and their environments. By merging the movement and actions of different beings, Mario proposes an absurd perspective on humanity and its system of existence.

  ‘Chicken incubating egg’ has been exhibited at PEST FEST 1st Anniversary at Red Gallery, London, UK on 02.03.2018 and screened alongside 99 more shortlisted loops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and New York (2017-2018).


Animation: Mario Radev

Music: Lutfi Othman

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