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[O] (2017)

[O] is a film that imitates nature in its manner of operation. The animation depicts cycles in a world entirely based on sound frequency and vibration.

Film by Mario Radev and Chiara Sgatti
Sound Design and Music: Antonio Quiroga Waldthaler
5.1 Sound Mix: George Roberts
Colouring Assistance: Anna Smirnova, Dana- Mari Tarakchieva, Vincent Hollywell

- Raindance Film Festival 2017 (London, UK): World Premiere- 23rd of September and 30th of September
- Ars Independent Festival 2017 (Katowice, Poland): Official Selection for the ‘Black Horse of Animation’ competition- 29th of September
- TOFUZI 2017 (Batumi, Georgia): Nomination ‘THE BEST DEBUT’-  5-7th of October
- London City Film Awards (London, UK): 26th of October 2017
- Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2017 (Thessaloniki, Greece): 19 to 22 of October 2017
- In celebration of International Animation Day, [O] was screened in St. Petersburg by ЭТО-LAB.
- Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) 2017 (Taipei and other cities in Taiwan): Selected for 2017 KDIAF’s Choice Film- October 2017
- Aesthetica Short Film Festival (York, UK): Part of a panel discussion on ‘Creativity vs Commerciality: LCC Screen School’, 11th of November 2017
- Cork Film Festival 2017 (Cork, Ireland): Cork Premiere 10-19 November 2017. awarded with Travel Grant Award by British Council.
- FECEA - Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada (Alvorada, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil): 25th of November 2017. 
- Animax Skopje Fest 2017 (Skopje, Macedonia): 21th to 24th of December 2017
- Berlin Motion Picture Festival (Berlin, Germany): at The Schankhalle Pfefferberg Berlin on January 13th, 2018
- London Short Film Festival 2018 (London, UK): 12th -21st January 2018
- Sundance Film Festival 2018 (Utah, US): Nominated for Short Film Grand Jury Prize 18th- 28th of January 2018, awarded with Travel Grant Award by British Council.
- Brussels Independent Film Festival (Brussels, Belgium): 13th of February 2018
- Torino Underground Cinefest (Turin, Italy): 25-27, March, 2018.
- Glas Animation Festival (Berkeley, California, US): 22-25, March, 2018
- Hong Kong International Film Festival (Hong Kong, China): 26th of March and 5th of April, 2018
- ARFF/ Around International Film Festival 2017 (Paris, France): Winner of BEST ANIMATION April edition of 2017- screening date TBA /2018/- 13th edition of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival (Paris, France): Official Selection: 4th-6th of May 2018.
- Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018 (Athens, Greece): 24th-27th May 2018.
- Sundance London Film Festival 2018 (London, UK): UK Shorts Program at Picturehouse Central on 2nd of June 2018.
- Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2018 (Annecy, France): Graduation short Films in Competition; 11th-16th of June 2018.
- Las Vegas Film Festival 2018 (Las Vegas, USA)- Official Selection, 9th of June 2018.
- 44th Seattle International Film Festival 2018 (Seattle, USA): Official Selection; May 17–June 10, 2018.
- Rooftop Films Summer Series 2018 (New York, USA): 19th of May- 25th of August 2018.
- KloosterKino (Nijmegen, Netherlands): Screening at brewery Nevel on 21st of August 2018.
- The European Independent Film Festival (Viseu, Portugal): ÉCU On-the-Road screenings on 13th and 14th of July 2018.
- Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF) (Taichung, Taiwan): Official Selection; 11th to 16th October 2018. 
- Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) (Mellbourne, Australia): Official Selection in Animation Shorts; 10th and 18th of August 2018.
- Still Voices Short Film Festival (Longford, Ireland): Official Selection; 16th to 19th of August 2018.
- 14th Hollyshorts (Hollywood, CA): Official Selection, Adult Animation; 10th of August 2018 
- 12th Sydney Underground Film Festival (Sydney, Australia);Official Selection;14th of September 2018
- 10th International Animation Market and Festival of Segovia 3D Wire (Spain); October 1st-7th 2018
- Bolton Film Festival (Bolton, UK): Winner of Best Score; 2nd to 4th of October 2018
- Bit Bang International Animation, Videogames and Digital Art Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina); 3rd to 6th of October 2018.
- Timishort Film Festival (Timisoara, Romania): Official Selection in Animation Panorama; 3rd to 7th of October 2018
- Imagine Science Film Festival 2018 (NYC, USA): 12th to 19th of October 2018
- 19th NEW BRITISH FILM FESTIVAL (Moscow, Russia): October and November 2018
- Russian Indie Film Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia): ÉCU On-the-Road screenings on 30th November, 2018 
- Ishorts (Czech Republic and Slovakia): The film is screened in 9 cities across Czech Republic and Slovakia and taking part in future screening of the touring program. 31.10.2018- 05.11.2018
- 14th annual Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival (Calgary, AB, Canada): Official Selection, November 22th- 25th 2018.
- SHIVERS Film Festival (Konstanz, Germany): Official Selection, November 22th- 27th 2018.

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